Reflections from Dr. Lilly

Soncia Reagins-Lilly

Dr. Soncia Reagins-Lilly, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Voting is a critical piece of our civic engagement and responsibility. Campus-wide Elections provide an opportunity for our students to stay engaged on our campus. Campus-wide Elections help us show the importance of voting in local, regular elections and the impact our voice has on policy and decision-making.

Each spring semester, student leadership positions open up in the Graduate Student Assembly, Student Government, Texas Student Media, University Co-op and the University Unions. Each of these groups is an important and influential part of our shared governance, bringing the voice of students to decisions across campus.

For example:

  • The Graduate Student Assembly is dedicated to developing policy that furthers our 12,000 graduate students’ interests and goals.
  • Student Government represents the interests of students and increased decision-making power for student programs, facilities and services.
  • Texas Student Media (TSM) is the uncensored voice of students with several student-produced media entities; students elect the editor of The Daily Texan and TSM board members.
  • Serving on the University Co-op Board of Directors allows students to help direct a $30+ million business.
  • Becoming a University Unions Board member gives students the opportunity to help decide the future development of the Unions and their activities.
  • Being elected President of Campus Events + Entertainment (E+E) provides one student the chance to lead the largest event-planning organization on campus.

These elections are also a chance for our staff to hear from our students about the issues they are concerned about on campus. Read up on the campaigns and ballot to get a glimpse at the concerns or priorities facing the student body, as well as potential solutions.

So today and tomorrow, please join me in encouraging students to make their voices heard in this year’s campus-wide elections at Let them know their voices are important and that these decisions can make an impact not just on our campus, but for our community, city and state.

Hook ‘em,

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Dr. Soncia Reagins-Lilly