Leadership Summit

Dave Dessauer, Katie O’Malley and Alyssa Ray (Office of the Dean of Students) at the Texas Leadership Summit

Beth Andre, Sara Kennedy, Alyssa Ray and Marilyn RussellOffice of the Dean of StudentsKaty Redd and Marian TrattnerCounseling and Mental Health Center; and William MupoUniversity Health Services, presented during the Leadership and Ethics Institute’s Texas Leadership Summit on Feb. 11. The summit showcased 18 sessions during the one-day event in the Student Activity Center.

Chris Brownson, Counseling and Mental Health Center, co-authored College Students’ Sense of Coherence and Connectedness as Predictors of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors featured in the Archives of Suicide Research.

Corey Benson and Sara Miller, Office of the Dean of Students, co-authored Law, Policy and Governance in the 2017 NASPA Conference Publication (page 30).

DoS Staff

Andel Fils-Aime, Emily LaPlaca and Melissa Jones-Wommack at the Association of Student Conduct Administration 2017 Annual Conference

Andel Fils-Aime, Emily LaPlaca and Melissa Jones-Wommack, Office of the Dean of Students, presentedSteering Student Groups: How UT Austin Wrangles Organization Discipline” at the Association of Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) 2017 Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Fla.

Aaron Voyles, Housing and Food Service, co-authored Values, Philosophy and History in the 2017 NASPA Conference Publication (page 40).

Several Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) staff presented at the Texas University and College Counseling Center Conference (TUCCCC) held in Austin on Feb. 9–10:

  • Kim Burdine, Mona Ghosheh and Mark Zentner: “Cultural Conversations”
  • Marian Trattner, Kelsey Lammy and Mona Ghosheh: “Creating Space for Courageous Conversations in Your Center”
  • Joey Hannah and Sebastian Colon-Otero: “Coming Together in Support of Transgender/Non-Binary Students”

CMHC staff also presented at the annual Professional Development Day Conference hosted by the Academic Counselors Association (ACA) and the Association of Professionals in Student Affairs (APSA) at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus on Feb. 22:

  • Toby LeBlanc: “Stress vs. Distress: How to Tell the Difference and How to Help”
  • Marian Trattner: “Bouncing Back: A Case Study on Building Resilience in Students”
  • Katy Redd, Kayla Ford, McCombs School of Business, Julia Chinnock, School of Undergraduate Studies and Courtney Sy, College of Liberal Arts: “Uniting Your Two Selves: Parent and Professional”

“A Tip of the Hat to…”

Ida Rahnamai, Teresa Garcia and Cindy McAllister, University Health Services, who received this feedback from a patient:

“I want to thank Ida (Rahnamai) for helping me make all these appointments I needed. For example, I needed my last dosage of the  HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine) and figure out my timeline and she kindly took the time to help me figure it out and book the appointment. I also want to thank nurse Teresa (Garcia) for always making me feel welcomed and safe, in every visit. And thank you to Cindy McAllister for making everything seem so easy and encouraging me to be healthy and calm.”