True Colors® Tips

Jaden Felix presentation

Jaden Felix presents on conflict at the Terry Scholar Statewide Retreat at UT Austin on Jan. 5.

Conflict is a complex and universal experience. Conflict resolution skills are important, but sometimes communication can create and continue conflict. Often times conflict is the result of how we communicate rather than what is being communicated. Successfully approaching communication is an important skill for individuals, teams and organizations to have. True Colors® offers guidance to help us communicate more effectively to resolve or even avoid conflict.

A good way to approach conflict and improve interpersonal effectiveness is to know your brightest color and the brightest color of your colleague. Then you can shift your communication style to address the situation. For instance, Blues have a tendency to operate from a friendly, helpful, emotionally expressive and indirect perspective. Golds focus on the task at hand, written communication, emotional restraint and structure. Oranges tend to be confident, enthusiastic, casual and direct. Greens will focus on sharing information, the big picture, ideas and questions. Other examples of brightening a specific color include the pace at which you talk (fast or slow), the level of details or structure you provide (more or less), the amount of small talk prior to a meeting or one-on-one, or the focus on facts and information.

True Colors® Communication can help everyone become more aware of their communication style and its effect on others. Through this training, we can increase interpersonal effectiveness, ensure messages are clearly delivered and decrease conflict in the workplace.

Jaden Felix
Coordinator for Sorority and Fraternity Life
Office of the Dean of Students