True Colors® Tips

Adrienne MacKenzie (back right, Recreational Sports) facilitates a True Colors® workshop.

In my years and various roles with the Division of Student Affairs, I have marveled at the incredible partnership opportunities we have with our student staff. As we collaborate to meet our department goals, they enrich our office culture and lift our team spirit. I find that while I strive to support their professional development, they equally enhance mine. With this in mind, I commit to investing the time and effort to share True Colors® with my student employees.

One way to do this is to integrate True Colors® training into annual student-staff training. You can also offer optional True Colors® leadership development workshops and even infuse True Colors® activities into regular staff meeting agendas. The positive results have had a great impact. Inviting our student staff to join the True Colors® conversation creates better synergy and communication amongst full-time staff and our students. It also enhances the supervisory relationship, provides more opportunity for more targeted developmental opportunities and sends a strong message regarding their value to the organization.

Sharing True Colors® with our students enriches their experience, our work and office culture. I encourage you to find creative ways to bring True Colors® to your student employees. I promise your entire team will reap the benefits!

Adrienne MacKenzie
Associate Director
Recreational Sports