The Uniqueness of Studying Abroad in a Border City

The location of Frankfurt (Oder) made for some very interesting adventures. I lived about five minutes from the bridge over the Oder River that separates Germany and Poland. Most of the time I would meet friends at the McDonalds next

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Tuesday Adventures in Frankfurt (Oder)

In my last post, I talked about the importance of pressing into the home culture when studying abroad. I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to give a practical example of how I did exactly that. Every Tuesday

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Best VPNs To Use Traveling Abroad

If you are reading this article it is probably for one of two reasons; 1. You have no idea what a VPN is and clicked on this article thinking it is something you didn’t know you needed to pack, 2.

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Avoid the Study Abroad Bubble!

Walking home from the university in Frankfurt (Oder) was always a unique experience. When I left the university, the view of the ancient library and modern university buildings gave way to the mall that housed discount stores.  The bustle and

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The Forgotten Side of Germany

My gap year experience motivated me to travel to Germany when I studied abroad. I went to the Europe University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) because I wanted to understand east Germany more deeply. The city was founded in the 1300s

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SENIORS: Don’t Age Yourself, Engage Yourself

Seniors!! You’re graduating, oh my! Sorry you lost your chance of studying abroad. NEXT. TOTALLY KIDDING, KEEP READING… As a senior at UT and a huge advocate for studying abroad I want to reach out to those who have this

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Study Abroad as a first generation student

Are you a first generation student wanting to study abroad? Studying abroad is one of those college experiences that is highly endorsed. You get to experience a whole different culture, challenge yourself and make lifelong friends along the way. Being

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How to Choose Your Next Destination

Horns meet world. World meet Shivangi Gupta. Shivangi is an International Relations and Global Studies (IRG) major and she spent five months studying abroad on the exchange program at the National University of Singapore and the Maymester: the U.S, U.K,

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Make This Place Your Home

Horns meet world, world meet Amanda Mouton. Writing to us while she is still currently abroad, check out what she has to saw about her time in New Zealand so far. I sadly said farewell to my host family, the

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The Human Effects of the German Reunification

My first experience with eastern Germany was working on a tiny farm in a village called Lebehn. I was on a trip with my German class at the time, and decided to remain in Germany for a year instead of

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