Historic Ceramics Workshop at TARL

by Marybeth Tomka

In cooperation with Becky Shelton at the State Archeologist’s office at the Texas Historical Commission, I am working to develop a historic ceramics workshop.  We are planning to have a seminar this spring, date to be announced, and depending on its appeal, we will continue having them yearly.  There will be limited space, about 20 people with preference given to stewards.

If you want to know more about historic ceramics, their varieties and nuances, consider this workshop as a fun and cooperative learning experience.

Stay tuned to the blog as we move forward with planning the details of this wonderful, hands-on learning opportunity that will be presented here at TARL on UT’s Pickle Research Campus.  We will provide workshop details as they evolve.

Oh, the featured image above is of the texts that we will be using for training during the workshop.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with you at the workshop, and at those we hope to offer in the future.

Stay tuned!



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