Colors of the Past: Mission Espiritu Santo

This week’s new coloring page features items from the Espiritu Santo Mission in Goliad county, Texas. This site has been excavated by several different projects from the 1930s to 2000s, and the artifacts recovered tell the story of a transitional time in Texas’ history. The mission was established by Spanish colonists as they attempted to stake their claim to the territory that would be come Texas, and convert native inhabitants into Christians who practiced a more European way of life.

The Mission Espiritu Santo collection includes objects of European and Mexican origin, such as ceramics, metal tools and ornaments, and glass trade beads. It also includes items that were used by the native Aranama people as they continued to conduct traditional activities, such as grinding stones, locally made pottery, and stone projectile points.

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Download the coloring page by clicking the text below:

Espiritu Santo Coloring Page

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  1. That is what Goliad State Park can be described as. This hallowed ground is home to the Mission Espiritu Santo. This portion of the coastal country of Texas has been of historical interest since the settlement of the French colony.

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