Texas Archeology Month 2021!

Texas Archeology Month 2021


October is almost here and TARL is ready to celebrate Texas Archeology Month! Most importantly, we want to continue the celebration of Texas archeology in the safest environment possible.  As such, we have reinvested our enthusiasm for our regular annual Texas Archeology Month Fair into the creation of archeology themed activity kits and virtual programming for our community, co-sponsored by the Texas Historical Commission and the Council of Texas Archeologists.

In conjunction with our co-sponsors, Texas Archaeological Society, UT’s Anthropology department, UT’s Mesoamerica Center and UT’s Classics department, TARL will be offering free archeology activity kits to local educational institutions and the general public. These kits will be available to the public on *the last four Sunday nights at the Thinkery’s Community Nights* and at local Austin’s *Toybrary*. Thanks to the collaboration of professional and avocational archeologists, these kits provide an interactive education experience on the history of Texas. Along with artifact identification, kids and adults have the opportunity to test their skills in pottery-making, gorget creation, artifact reconstruction and more!

We are working diligently and enthusiastically to make this, while different, another successful Texas Archeology Month! Please contact annie.riegert@austin.utexas.edu if you have any questions! Please stay tuned for more information!