Officer Team

Sruja Arya

Sruja is a 4th year, Track 2 BME. In her free time, she plays guitar, paints, and hikes. She plans to go to medical school after graduation.

Sruja is excited for the upcoming school year and can’t wait to get to know more BMES members!

Ryan Chen
VP Internal

Ryan is a 4th year, Track 2 BME. His hobbies include volleyball, social dancing, and triathlon training. He wants to go to medical school. 

Feel free to invite Ryan to any social dance events. He always loves learning new dances!

Khyati Malik
VP External

Khyati is a 2nd year, Track 2/3 BME. She loves cooking, baking, reading, singing, and knitting. She hopes to go to medical school.

Nehali Shah
VP Relations

Nehali is a 4th year, Track 2 BME. She loves drawing, playing tennis, and finding new music. She wants to go to medical school after graduation.

Nehali loves eating fries so she’s on a mission to eat them from every place that has them!

Huda Zia
VP Finance

Huda is a 2nd year, Track 2/4 BME. She’s a big fan of crocheting and watching trashing reality TV and rom-coms. She hopes to get a Master’s then work in the industry.

Huda can do the splits!

Laurenz Quinto
VP Operations

Laurenz is 3rd year, Track 1 BME. She enjoys playing guitar, reading, and visiting museums. She wants to design and develop medical devices after undergrad.

Laurenz is trying to complete a reading challenge this year, so recommend her some books!

Srikar Sadhu
VP Membership

Srikar is a 2nd year, Track 3 BME. He likes watching historical dramas, drawing, and working out. He hopes to work in the software engineering side of healthcare and get an MBA.

As an out-of-state student from New Jersey, Srikar is still getting used to the weather!

Aparajith Kannapiran
Pre-Med Coordinator

Aparajith is a 4th year, Track 2 BME. He loves play soccer, cooking, and running. Believe it or not, he plans on going to medical school after graduation.

Aparajith loves to try new restaurants with vegan and vegetarian cuisines, so feel free to send him some recommendations!