Case Competition Committee 2022

Kara Nagasaki
Kara is a 2nd year Chemical Engineering major. Her hobbies include tennis, running, reading, hanging out with friends, and going on late night drives. Although she's not a BME, she's taking the BME track in her major.
Kevin Nguyen
Prompts Liaison
Kevin is a 1st year BME major. He enjoys playing trombone and eating! He is currently pre-med but is also thinking of going to industry. His favorite move is Frozen!
Sahil Mangarolia
Team Liaison
Sahil is a 2nd year, Track II major. He enjoys gardening. He plans to go to medical school after graduating.
Sahana Murthy
Team Liaison
Sahana is a 1st year, Track II BME. She likes dancing, singing, and hanging out with friends. Her current plan is to do research after undergrad.