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December 11th, 2009 · No Comments
Campus & Community Engagement

Just like the writer of the previous post, I was pleasantly surprised at the Riverdance performance. I had no idea there would be so much variety. In addition to the Irish style of dancing there was an amazing and entertaining piece called “Trading Taps” that included American style tap dancers. I also really enjoyed the several impressive, almost acrobatic, dances by the Moscow Folk Dancers.

But most of all, I was extremely impressed by the percussionist, Mark Alfred, when he came to the center of the stage playing the Bodhran, a hand-held Irish drum. I bet you’re thinking, “How interesting and impressive can someone be playing a hand drum?” You’ll just have to go to the Riverdance show to really see what I mean. He was able to produce an incredible range of pitches (melodies, really) that had me in awe.

Riverdance Talkback

Riverdance Talkback

After Wednesday’s performance, several dancers and musicians came back to the stage and answered questions. We learned inside stories about things like the little superstitious rituals they do before going on stage. You can listen to the podcast here: riverdancepodcast.mp3

Brenda Simms
Education Coordinator, Campus and Community Engagement