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What will a full Payne Theatre feel like?

March 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment
Canción del Cuerpo

March 4, 2010/ Contribution by Lisa Kobdish

We did it! We survived our full run-through! And with a nearly half-full audience. My sister, who has seen my performances with DRT for three years now, could not believe that this free “showing” had a fuller audience than some Friday or Saturday night shows from the past.

The showing was smooth, bursting energy from all pieces. There was a considerable amount of press in the audience, and the hear the clicking of multiple cameras from on stage was both motivational and SCARY. I was able to watch Yacov Sharir’s work in the first act of the show and then a portion of El Colegio’s The Famished Road, which were both glorious. I don’t know why, but there is something magical about watching a dance performed from backstage. To see dancers bare their souls on the big, blank, black stage, to see them breath and change form together in the glistening light of the Payne Theatre is brilliant. My favorite moment of tonight was an incredible performance from senior Mariclaire Gamble in which she improvises a solo for herself during the second part of Yacov’s ZoomInn. McGambs, as I like to call her, is truly a bared soul on stage, aside a duet, but separate from the couple. She has merely a general structure to the nearly 4 or 5 minutes of blank time in which she must fill with movement, and not only fill but compliment the intricate duet that is happening between junion Matthew Bunker and senior Angie Busch. Gamble radiates in all of her choices, showing both a seamless train of consciousness and also highly fragmented and bizarre movement. She is truly courageous in her performance, and it is breath-taking.

As for The Rope: Tres Momentos…I was proud and a bit stunned at how we managed to present the 45 minute work. I felt that we were truly a company tonight. Of course there are always moments where unison and glory faulter; for instance, in the third movement of the piece we are wear shimmering golden kimonos, and mine was completely open the entire time. Embarrassing? Yes. But even obvious mistakes and glibs like this did not take away from the general sense that we were indeed dancing “as a cell”. The image proved to persist.

Tomorrow is opening night. I cannot even imagine how it feels to have the entire Payne Theatre FULL, but according to rumor, Friday night has been sold out for several weeks. All I know is that I still have a radiating glow from tonight, and also a paleness and butterfly-full belly in anticipation for Friday. And that glow from last night is not just the endless specks of glitter that have permeated their way into all corners of my life; it is also an internal glow due to a memorable Thursday night.

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  • 1    Fred Meek // Mar 8, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Love what you have done with the Texas Performing Arts site. I wish all of the UT sites would create some blogs like this. Do you know if UT has a video production blog?