OFA Undergraduate Non-Resident Tuition Exemptions (NRTE)

Due to the limited number of NRTEs The University of Texas may award, OFA is no longer authorized to offer NRTEs to prospective freshmen beginning Fall 2015.

A non-resident student awarded a competitive university academic scholarship of at least $1,000 for the academic year or summer for which the student is enrolled may be eligible to pay in-state tuition regardless of the length of time the student has resided in Texas. The student must have competed with other students, including Texas residents, for the scholarship. Students may receive this non-resident tuition exemption at the discretion of the University and in compliance with the limit on the number of waivers allowed by the State of Texas (Texas Education Code Sec. 54.213).

Renewal Criteria

For undergraduates awarded NRTEs in 2014-15 and before, to be reconsidered for competitive scholarship and NRTE renewal for a future academic year, students must:

Provided past recipients meet the above requirements, OFA will consider a maximum of three additional consecutive academic years or the completion of the first undergraduate degree, whichever occurs first.

Exception: An additional year of funding will be taken into consideration for students whose degree programs require more than 120 hours to complete.

Selected recipients are notified of the award via email after spring semester grades are posted. The award also appears on the student’s Financial Aid Notification (FAN) at that time.

Award Cancellation


Students who receive non-resident tuition assistance from another university department/office will have their OFA NRTE offer rescinded. Students can only receive one tuition exemption at a time, thus the OFA NRTE will be cancelled immediately from their account.

Note: If an academic department awards an NRTE award later in the semester, this will cause OFA to retroactively cancel the OFA NRTE thus causing an immediate, but temporary debt on the student’s university account. Students should review What I Owe to ensure the debt is resolved by the university.


Students who lose their eligibility for an awarded academic competitive scholarship may also lose their NRTE award. The NRTE cancellation will occur the semester immediately following the semester in which the scholarship was cancelled. If the scholarship loss occurs before the date official enrollment count is taken, the NRTE may be cancelled immediately.