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In 1997, Kevin and Brad Butler had a dream.

Then, they woke up.

Later that year, they cofounded the Texas Travesty as an online-only publication.  It grew to become The University Of Texas at Austin’s official humor publication and the country’s largest student-produced satirical newspaper.  It is an ancient organization, celebrating its 100-year anniversary in a mere eighty-four years.  However, that does not stop it from being “down with the times.”  Since 2000, it has won The Austin Chronicle’s Best Local Publication Award on five different occasions, conducted interviews with comedians such as Demetri Martin and Hannibal Buress, hosted comedy shows across Austin, Texas, and overrun the Texas Renaissance Festival as anachronistic cyborgs.  When they aren’t taking long walks on the beach or looking for their Justin Timberlake posters, the staff produces six issues of the newspaper a year. And once you’ve read one, unlike your slow-learning mom with carpooling, you’ll never forget to pick up the rest.  Nevertheless, the Travesty is much more than one of the largest humor publications in The United States; it also serves as a fantastic umbrella during a rainstorm.

Company Overview: The Official Humor Publication of the University of Texas at Austin.

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