The Truth About Fitness Trackers

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Madison McGuire

Fitness trackers are increasingly used by people trying to get and stay healthy. Trackers can show daily activity progress, read your heart rate, and log exercise sessions. Some, like the Apple Watch, can even log hours of sleep and sense atrial fibrillation

A recent study suggests that while fitness trackers might help you bump up your daily steps and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, there is skepticism about their health benefits in the long run. Even participants incentivized with cash to walk more did not lose any weight, lower their blood pressure, or improve their resting heart rate. It is likely that those wearing trackers chose to reward themselves for meeting exercise goals with a dietary indulgence.

Perhaps what’s missing are motivational tools and social features that may help individuals establish healthy eating and activity habits. Users might benefit more if they focus not just on walking more, but on incorporating their individual health needs and a healthy diet.

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