1950s Japan, Korea, Hawaii

On this page you will find some pictures that my father took in the 1950s, when he was traveling in East Asia as a member of the US Army Field Band.  I will try to provide descriptions to the extent that I can.  A few of these are from Korea, but most are from Japan.   These photos were originally taken using color slide film, most likely kodachrome and ektachrome, but it was not possible to restore all of them with the software I have, so I made some black and white.  The order is a bit random, but they are all from the same trip to the US Army Field Band took to the Far East around 1958.

Pearl Harbor
Aircraft carrier.
This looks like Miyajima, off the coast of Hiroshima.
A friend of my father’s in the US Army Field Band
I believe that this is Korea.
Korea, c. 1958.
Looks like Miyajima.
No idea what is going on here, but it looks like Japan.
Not sure about this.
Perhaps Nikko.
Somewhere in Korea.
I don’t really know where this was taken.
Hiroshima from a hill overlooking the city, c. 1958.
Another picture of Hiroshima, c. 1958.
A garden somewhere in Japan. Maybe Kyoto.
The A-Bomb Dome or ruins of the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall which was very near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb dropped by the United States that destroyed Hiroshima.
Statue of Shōdō Shōnin in Nikko, c. 1958.
My guess would be the view from my father’s hotel room in Hawaii, c. 1958.
Hotel in Hawaii.
Pearly Harbor Memorial
Ground zero over which the first atomic bomb was exploded in Hiroshima, c. 1958.
Komainu somewhere in Japan.
Image of Hiroshima, c. 1958, with the dome under ground zero in the background.
Street scene, perhaps in Tokyo.
A beach in Hawaii, c. 1958.
City scene. Could be Tokyo.
I believe that my father took this picture in Korea.
Hawaii. At that time, planes still routinely stopped in Hawaii on the way to East Asia.