Other Tōhoku Resources

You can find a great deal of information on the current state of research about Tōhoku developed for a Workshop on Critical Tōhoku Studies that took place at UCLA in 2015.  There were several very interesting papers presented.

Below is a video of my presentation from the workshop.  I assume the other presentations are also available on Youtube, although I have had difficulties finding them.

Another interesting resource is the site about the International Linear Collider, which will be located in Iwate and Miyage Prefectures if it is built.  This represents a major scientific investment in the region that would bring in numerous international residents.

Another very useful website is the site for the VSJF 2017 conference in Vienna called Rural Japan Revisited: Autonomy and Heteronomy in the Peripheries.  The website has streaming video of all of the presentations from the conference, not only related to Tōhoku, but more generally to rural Japan.   The VSJF 2017 website is in both English and German.