Wet rice agriculture that is typical of Japan and other parts of East Asia.
Flowers on a farm.
Hydrangea is common in the area around Kanegasaki.
This is how water is brought to rice fields.
Rice field art.
More rice field art.
An iris.
Barn at farm house.
Rice field.
Iris field.
My daughter holding up some of the produce at my wife’s family farm in Iwate.
Flowers are everywhere.
A grain silo at a dairy farm in Iwate. The farm once had over 60 cows but is no longer operational. This is common among various types of farming in the region, as farmers have aged and retired and children have not remained to take over the family farm.
Farmers burn weeds along the sides of rice paddies.
Rice fields and mountains in summer. Note the snow still on the top of the mountains.
Green rice fields.
Rice art produced by carefully planting rice plants that produce different colors to make designs in the rice fields.
Typical rice paddy.
Sengaishi, which is an artificial lake with a dam in the mountains. Water is released in the spring to irrigate rice paddies.
More rice art, this one a cartoon character.