Here you will find a variety of photos I have taken while wandering around Tokyo.

This is not a photo I took, but is of me and some other jazz musicians playing in a club in Tokyo.
Taiwan festival in Ueno Park.
Oysters in Tsukiji.
Arguably the best sushi I have ever eaten–in Tsukuji.
Taken at a festival in Tokyo. I’m not sure I want to eat at this truck.
Sushi chef at work in tsukiji.
Right-wing nationalists shouting at people in Ochanomizu right near the station.
Festival food.
A jizo shrine along the street near Waseda University. This protects travelers. You may be able to see the umbrellas hanging to the left.
Knife shop in Tsukiji.
Jizo statue near Waseda.
Buddhist temple near Waseda.
Scene in Tsukiji.
I did not expect to find this at my local grocery store near Waseda.
Wandering around Yokohama.
Starbucks in Ueno Park.
Mitama Festival at Yasukuni Shrine in summer of 2017. These lanterns are purchased and hung to commemorate those who have died, particularly in war. The writing has my name in Japanese, as well as where I am from.
A brush shop in Tokyo. This shop has been in business since the 1700s and makes beautiful brushes for hair, lint, etc.
A participant in Mitama Festival. This is a performer from another part of Japan there to be part of the festivities.
Behind the scenes at Mitama Festival.
Dancers at the festival
Young women in yukata posing at Mitama Festival.
Graveyard right next to the campus of Waseda University.
Okuma Hall at Waseda University
Street scene at Waseda University.
Harajuku, which is a major shopping area in Tokyo.
Ueno Park in front of the National Museum.
A street performer in Ueno Park. Had a very interesting conversation with this guy.
Taiwan Festival in Ueno Park.
Taiwan Festival in Ueno Park.
Shinto shrine at Ueno Park.
Jomon figurine in the National Museum.
Ema (votive tablets) at shrine in Ueno Park.



Demonstrators in Tokyo at the National Diet building (parliament) protesting changes to the interpretation of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.
Jazz club in Tokyo, with me on the drums.
More demonstrators.
More demonstrators.
Me leading students around Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.
Here I am with a group of students at Waseda University.
My daughter at an owl cafe in Tokyo.
The sign reads, “Protect the Peace Constitution from Madness” and then raises a question about the commitment of the Koumeitou or Clean Government Party to peace, if I interpreted it right.