Wandering Around Tōhoku

Here you will find various pictures I have taken while driving and walking around different parts of Tōhoku

Rainy day at Shinto shrine in Kanegasaki
Rainy day in Kanegasaki.
Ama divers in Kuji. These women hold their breath and dive for sea urchins.
Ama divers in Kuji.
Hiking around Mt. Iwate.
Volcanic rock that resulted from the last eruption of Mt. Iwate.


This is a picture I took of a wall in a wonderful jazz club located in Ichinoseki. The signature is of the great jazz drummer Elvin Jones.
Here I am in Mizusawa with students from Waseda on our annual field trip.
Irises in Mizusawa.
Some of my students visiting a Shinto shrine in Mizusawa.