Septemper 30, 2016

TTP is hosting a seminar series on Sep 30, 2016 presented by Martin Matzuk, MD, PhD from Balyor College of Medicine and Bioke.Griener/n3D.

Titles are,

“Collaborating with the Center for Drug Discovery at BCM to Produce Next Generation Medicines” by Martin Matzuk, MD, PhD
“Combining Microscopic Imaging, Cellular Analysis, Microplate Technology, and Proper Cellular Models to Increase the Relevance of In Vitro Research Methodologies” by Biotek, Griener, and n3D.
Location and time: BME 3.402, 12pm – 2pm
Dr. Matzuk’s seminar will be preceded by the technical talk by Biotek/Griener/n3D.
Lunch will be provided at 12pm sponsered by Biotek/Griener/n3D.

Dr. Matzuk’s presentation
Cytation_Biotek tech talk

July 19, 2016

TTP is hosting a seminar presented by Molecular Devices titled as “Fast in vitro Kinetic Assays with
FlexStation 3 Multimode Microplate Reader”.

Date and location: July 19, 2016. Noon-1pm,PHR 3.106, UT-Austin.
Please find details and RSVP information from the flyer, MD FlexStation Lunch’n Learn_071916.

May 19, 2016

TTP to receive one of four Core Facility Support Awards frpm CPRIT.
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