TTP has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of highly motivated scientists with expertise in the area of compound management, biochemistry & enzymology, cancer biology, automated HTS, computer-based modeling, and medicinal chemistry to provide a truly comprehensive early-stage targeted therapeutic development platform.

Kevin N. Dalby, PhD. Director

Pengyu Ren, PhD. Co-Director

Eun Jeong Cho, PhD. Core Director

Ramakrishna Edupugant, PhD. Research Associate

Tamer S Kaoud, Ph.D. Research Associate  

Juhyeon Lee, Ph.D. Postdoc

Rachel M. SammonsPhD. Postdoc

Juhoon Lee, Ph.D. Postdoc

Chengwen Liu, Ph.D. Postdoc

Christi Fannon, Administrative Associate

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