Fast tracking of targeted-therapeutics, TTP offers four highly integrated modules to realize a fully cohesive platform for advancing new molecules from ‘discovery’ to animal testing through the provision of the deliverables illustrated in Figure 1.  Visit this page for further details about what we offer.

Ft modules and deliverables

Figure 1. Functional Modules and Deliverables

We will consider a project to be successful if it results in the discovery of one or more potent small molecules that possesses PK parameters as follows: good oral bioavailability (>30 %F), half-life of >3 hours, plasma exposure (2000 hr*ng/mL, AUClast).  We envisage TTP being the only program in our region of Texas dedicated to offering an extensive and project-customized drug discovery pipeline (Figure 2.) for targeted-therapeutics, which ultimately will furnish compounds exhibiting pharmacodynamics parameters that enable complete inhibition of target function for 24 hours in plasma and bone marrow following once or twice daily oral doses of 50 mg/Kg or less.


Figure 2. Comprehensive Drug Discovery Pipeline

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