Chemical Library

TTP offers Unique and Assorted Compound collections to fit Diverse scopes of targets and research goals. Currently ~83,000 compounds acquired from various resources are available that include bioactive compounds with defined biologic activity, purified natural products, chemical fragments, structurally diverse small molecules and FDA-approved and investigational drugs. Learn more about our chemical library.


TTP is fully equipped with high-end instruments and has continuously upgraded instruments to keep them in top operating condition.  TTP has managed instrumentation in four systems (Detection, Liquid handling, Synthesis, and Tissue culture) along with basic laboratory equipment (Miscellaneous) and an on-line reservation (web-based instrument scheduler). Our goal is to equip with machines that cover broader range of technologies as possible without sacrificing sensitivity or throughput, so we can best support flexible and affordable screening campaigns. For further details, go to “Instruments“.

Data Analysis and Storage

TTP partnered with Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) for Data Base access, a web-based system that organizes preclinical research data to facilitate compound/assay management, data analysis, mining, & clustering.

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