Chemical Library

TTP offers Unique and Assorted Compound collections to fit Diverse scopes of targets and research goals. Currently ~83,000 compounds acquired from various resources are available that include bioactive compounds with defined biologic activity, purified natural products, chemical fragments, structurally diverse small molecules and FDA-approved and investigational drugs.

Area of Targets: inhibitors, activators, antagonists, and agonists focused on targets in the area of, but not limited to, oncology, infectious disease, diabetes, epigenetics, ion-channel ligands, GPCRs, proteases, and over 20 signaling pathways such as, PI3K/Akt/mTOR, and MAPK pathways.Barcoded plates

The core increases the uniqueness of its collection by acquiring new compounds from academic laboratories (e.g. Synthetic compounds from U of Kansas, commercial vendors, research institutes (e.g. Scaffold Ranking library from Torrey Pines Institute), and DNA-coded libraried from Baylor as well as pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Published Kinase Inhibitor Sets from SGC-UNC). TTP also offers uniquely assembled kinase focused compounds.

Kinase–focused compounds collection:

  • The most extensive in the State, thoughtfully assembled, based on our in-depth experience on protein kinase enzymology.
  • Over 600 compounds assembled from various commercial vendors targeting broad spectrum of kinases (over 100 kinases).
  • Serves as an excellent starting point for medicinal chemistry progression due to its potential to provide rapid access to target-directed inhibitors for orphan kinases at low nanomolar potency.
  • Serves as a useful probe library to identify potential signaling pathways that support critical cancer phenotypes and metastasis.

Representative collections:

  • Fsp3 Enriched compounds (LifeChemicals)
  • Diversity sets (Chemdiv, Chembridge, Maybridge)
  • Fragment sets (Chemdiv, Chembridge; brominate-specifi, halopyridine-specific)
  • Natural products and Natural like collection (MicroSource, NIH, NCC, LifeChemicals)
TTP Compounds