The University Ladies Club

University Ladies Club was formed on November 19, 1896 with the stated purpose of “providing social, educational and recreational meetings for its members and to give such assistance to the life of the University as in the judgment of the Executive Council may seem advisable.”

The President of University Ladies Club elected in 1935 was Lucille Taylor Moore, who died before she could assume the office. The Lucille Taylor Moore Fund was established in her honor as a loan fund to support students in financial need.

In 1983, University Ladies Club funded a scholarship known as the Centennial Endowed Scholarship to be awarded to students who are graduates of high schools in the Austin area.

By 1998 the Moore Fund was merged with the Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund and then renamed the University Ladies Club Centennial Endowed Presidential Scholarship. The UT Resource Development Office invests the money. The Student Financial Services Office disperses the scholarship checks.

The University Ladies Club now awards three or four scholarships each year to students who have achieved academic excellence. This support of the University is made possible by donations and memorials given by our members.

The University Ladies Club Scholarship Committee welcomes donations and memorials. For your convenience, a scholarship donation form is included on the last page of the yearbook and on the Scholarship page of the website. Thank you for helping deserving Austin area students now and in the future. Our club would like to increase the number of scholarships provided each year, but we cannot do it without your help.

President’s Message

Hello to all!

I sincerely hope everyone has been enjoying a restful summer and that you are looking forward to another year of University Ladies Club events. We are pleased to once again provide you with your yearbook and luncheon schedule before the first meeting in September. Our fabulous Programs Committee has been very busy lining up a wonderful series of luncheons. Please mark your calendars now! And do think about bringing a guest! The lovely venues we have booked allow plenty of room to bring friends, family and potential members.

At our latest Executive Council meeting, it was decided to add a couple of duties to the President. First, the President will now receive applications for new members and send each new member a welcoming note along with a hard-copy yearbook. This duty includes forwarding all pertinent information to the Treasurer, Yearbook Editor, Newsletter Editor, Interest Group Chairs, etc. It is our hope that this process will ensure that new members are properly notified of their acceptance and smoothly integrated into our Club. Second, the President will write condolence notes on behalf of the Club to those suffering a loss. If a member or family member passes and you have knowledge of whom to write, please let me know. I want to make sure they know their ULC friends are thinking of them.

Now, please sit back and browse your 2017-2018 yearbook. If you find any information in need of correction, contact Yearbook Editor Bretna Hackert. Look over the wonderful programs and note the due dates for your luncheon payments. I look forward to seeing you in September.
Warmest regards –

Mary Newcomb
University Ladies Club 2017-18