Formed in late 2012, we are the University of Texas Student Chapter of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. We are an organization sponsored by the Department of Geography and the Environment.

 The missions of ASPRS are to:

  •  To promote the ethical application of active and passive sensors, the disciplines of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and other supporting geospatial technologies
  • To advance the understanding of the geospatial and related sciences
  • To expand public awareness of the profession
  • To promote a balanced representation of the interests of government, academia, and private enterprise.

 The Chapter specific missions are:

  • To support the research agendas of undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry
  • To provide a social network for academics, professionals and students in these related fields
  • To improve the GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry research currently being undertaken in Austin

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