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Being intrigued by new research, other people’s thoughts, and innovative programs I have been using social media (websites, magazines, other peoples blogs, twitter, and even facebook) to stay connected. Much like you are doing now. We are all on a quest to find the techniques, skills, programs, and materials it takes to teach the children we serve. A professor of mine, Professor Peter Chen, instilled in me during graduate school the desire to seek and to never forget that we never really “know”. No matter how much we achieve there is always another level of understanding. He also taught us to be humble and at the same time to find people who may have the information, motivation, or inspiration we are looking for. He repeated this quite frequently, “If I have seen further then others, its because I have stood on the shoulders of giant.”

Today, I am starting this part of the blog to share part of my journey and the resources I have come across along the way. Inspiration doesn’t come from equations or formulas. The journey provides the inspiration and through following it you will find your own way. So who am I? Why look to me for information, entertainment, motivation, or an easy fix to your problems? Exactly, I am not that person. However, visit my blog to join the conversation on wellness. I will present ideas, articles, products, and people that can help you find what your are looking for. Here are some links:














In the future I will update this blog with links that have brief summaries and I will include how this article has effected me on my professional journey. I encourage you to stop by frequently and add to the conversation with how each article changed, pulled, pushed  or helped you. Thank you for reading.


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