Completion of the following UT courses or the equivalent (an academic summary will be required to verify completion of the below-mentioned courses):


6 hours of biology

  • BIO 311C: Introductory Biology I
  • BIO 311D: Introductory Biology II


  • BIO 315H: Adv Intro to Genetics: Honors
  • BIO 325H: Genetics: Honors

Note: Medical Terminology is no longer a requirement!


A minimum of 80 hours of college volunteer experience in a hospital or clinical setting

  • Verification of hours will be required from the volunteer department(s) where the hours were acquired
  • GMT trips, hospices, and the UHS are all appropriate clinical settings
  • If you apply to the program during your first year at UT, you may include up to 40 hours of volunteering from your high school experience.
  • Please note that employment hours do not count towards the volunteer hours requirement.
  • Only 40 hours from medical mission trips may be counted towards the required 80 hours of volunteer work.
  • Vocational training, such as required clinical rotations for EMT or CNA training cannot be used for the required volunteer hours.

Recommendation Letter

  • 1 letter from a college professor or lecturer
  • Graduate research assistants, and postdoctoral associates may write your letter of recommendation, but the letter must be co-signed by the faculty member or principal investigator who supervises them. Letters of recommendation from a teaching assistant will not be accepted.
  • Your letter writer need not be associated with The University of Texas at Austin, but must be on the faculty at a university or university-affiliated research institution.


A list of tentative activities is needed for the upcoming semester

  • This list should include planned coursework and times as well as extracurricular activities and/or employment
  • You must not have class, work, or other commitments before 12:00 pm at least two weekdays per week. Keeping a clear schedule until at least 12:30 pm on these days is strongly recommended, but not required. Having a third morning per week in which to schedule shadowing is suggested, but not required.


Your vaccination record should show that you have had these vaccinations

  • MMR x2
  • Measles x2
  • Mumps x2
  • Rubella x1
  • Varivax (Varicella) x2
  • Hepatitis B x3
  • Td x1
  • Tdap x1
  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
  • TB Skin Test with a result in mm (Within 1 year of shadowing end date – if you are applying to HCMP for the Spring 2016 semester, May 2015 is the earliest accepted TB test date)