Spotlight: Josh Goh

Name: Josh Goh

Major: Biology, BSA

HCMP Role: Intern

Classification: Junior

Other Associations: Health Science Scholars, Mt. Nebo, Texas CRU, Re: Cancer, and The Triple Helix

Describe a shadowing experience that has impacted you the most. 
By far, the most impactful shadowing experience I had was in the clinic of a surgical oncologist who recently performed a partial mandibulectomy on a patient who had previously been diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid cancer and more recently learned that the cancer had caused deterioration in the posterior segment of the right mandible. In other words, we were following up on a terminal patient who underwent surgery to increase the quality of his life in his last few months. Being in that room and having the opportunity to see the faces of the patients will forever remain in my head and remind me of the purpose of medicine. Tears slowly rolled down and, as we spoke, the patient’s parents broke down in gratitude. I’ve never seen such a real and raw expression of thankfulness be intermixed with fear and uncertainty at the same time. It was a surreal moment that reminded me and continues to remind me of the impact we can have as physicians.
How has HCMP benefited your professional or individual goals?
 HCMP has opened so many doors regarding my academic and professional pursuits. Through the extensive network HCMP has fostered over the past years, the connections I have made with physicians have not only influenced my perception of medicine but have opened doors to job opportunities, internships, and extra resources.
What has been your favorite aspect of HCMP?
 The best part of HCMP is easily the people. Being in such a diverse group of like-minded individuals has really helped me navigate premed life. Everyone is so willing to help one another out and I wouldn’t ever doubt that they would help me out in whatever I needed.
What do you like to do in your free time?
 I’ve become very very very emotionally invested in TEXAS FOOTBALL. Youtube will not stop recommending me videos of Texas football analytics and, for some reason, I will not stop watching them. Outside of that, I love staying up to watch bad movies, spending time hiking, rock climbing, and going back home to the best town in the world, Plano, TX.