Spotlight: Lois Owolabi

Tell us about yourself:
Hello! My name is Lois (LOYCE) and
I’m currently a sophomore Biochemistry
Honors student — yes, a living
Polymathic Scholar. I’m in my intern
year here at HCMP, meaning I have the
privilege of shadowing a plethora of
physicians. With this access, I’ve
been able to really understand what
type of doctor I want to be.
Here, I’m not necessarily talking about specialty but about bedside manner. Some physicians love to joke with their patients and colleagues to ease what otherwise can be a tension driven environment. This choice to bring laughter and joy into a person’s life in the midst of fear and uncertainty is one of the reasons I want to be a doctor, and I really appreciate HCMP for giving me the opportunity to witness this in person.

Outside of having deep meta discussions (see previous sentences), I spend the rest of my time hanging out with a group of awesome artists in an a capella group, Voices of Afrika, where I sing Tenor (or Alto, when no one notices)!