Spotlight: Meghana Vankina

Tell us about yourself:
My name is Meghana Vankina and I am
a junior Neuroscience major and an
Intern in HCMP. I am also completing
the Business of Healthcare Certificate
and Health Communications minor.

Other organizations that I am involved
in include: Kappa Rho Pre-med Honor
Society and Health Occupations
Students of America (HOSA). During
my free time, I enjoy going on
morning runs as a way to de-stress.
I also love to watch films in many
different languages!

Growing up, my own lack of knowledge about my health made me feel disempowered. My passion to seek a career in medicine is not just to be a provider of emotional support, but to also empower people with knowledge that can allow them to have control over their life.

Through HCMP I have been able to shadow a wide range of physicians, but my favorite opportunity has been shadowing a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon I shadowed specialized in cosmetics, which includes surgeries such as breast implants, augmentations, lifts, rhinoplasty and more. I’ve always associated cosmetic surgeries with celebrities so it was really eye-opening to see the common person share their story on the hardships they have experienced in regards to their body. The physician had wonderful bedside manners and really took the time to talk to the patient about their fears and insecurities regarding their body and the procedure. During surgery, the physician answered my numerous questions and explained to me the art of cosmetic surgery. I had the opportunity to observe a challenging breast augmentation and lift procedure.

The surgery took 3 hours, during which the physician was very careful in making sure the breasts were equivalent in size. Due to the long and complicated procedure, the patient felt alot of tenderness and pain when she woke up from the general anesthesia and started to cry. The physician immediately addressed the patient’s concerns and also talked to the patient on how to take care of herself in the coming weeks to prevent any infections. This experience was meaningful to me because I had the opportunity to see how the physician was able to empower the patient with confidence, while also mastering a complex surgery.