Spotlight: Munfarid Zaidi

DSC_9430Name: Munfarid Zaidi
Major: Human Biology
HCMP Role: Rotations Coordinator
Classification: Senior
Associations: Hum A Capella, UT S.M.I.L.E., FIG Mentor Program, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, UT Chemistry UGTA program

Describe a shadowing experience that has impacted you the most.
Although I got the chance to see quite a few miraculous surgeries throughout shadowing, to me one of the most impactful experiences was watching a physician-patient interaction. A pediatrician was speaking to two parents while their daughter sat on the hospital bed across from them. While she spoke to the parents, the pediatrician conducted herself with flawless professionalism… and then she turned to her patient, the little girl. Suddenly the doctor’s voice filled with childlike excitement; the little girl felt completely at ease. That experience taught me that scientific knowledge is only half of what makes a great doctor. A doctor must be a master of communication, able to tailor themselves to the needs of their patient.

How has HCMP benefited your professional or individual goals?
HCMP gave me a lot more than shadowing hours for a resume. It gave me a more mature perspective on what it means to be a doctor. When I go to medical school, I know I’ll be prepared for the journey thanks to this organization.

What has been your favorite aspect of HCMP?
The relationships we have with medical students throughout Texas. I’ve learned more about the practice of medicine through them than I have in all of my courses at UT.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to sing! I’m a member of Hum A Capella, a South Asian and American fusion a capella group at UT. I also love to dance; I participate in UT social dance outings in the Austin community.