Spotlight: Vivian Chen

Tell us about yourself:
Hi! My name is Vivian Chen, I’m a 3rd
year Biochemistry major and HCMP

I’m also involved in Health
Science Scholars, The Final Acts
Project, and ITF Taekwondo. I want to
become a doctor because I want to
improve the patient experience for
those who feel ignored or dismissed
by their physicians.

The shadowing opportunities that HCMP offered has allowed me to observe how renowned Austin physicians approach patient communication; for example, I really liked how one urologist used car analogies to help his male patients understand how their health issues affect them, as well as how treatments can improve their symptoms. My favorite aspect of HCMP has been the community! Everyone in HCMP are passionate about medicine, but rather than a cut-throat environment, everyone is so willing to help each other out and provide advice. Outside of HCMP, I love to hang out with friends and family, explore Austin, and listen to music!