Spotlights is a place where former and current HCMP members leave behind a reflection of what they have gotten out of their shadowing experiences and the valuable lessons and memories gained through the program. Although a page cannot be enough to capture all that the members have gained, spotlights serve as a vital channel to share how HCMP has impacted its members.

Fall 2020 Intern Class
Faiza Sarwar Bryan Akhara Tenzin Palkyi Preethi Kannan
Spring 2019 Intern Class
Teja Sebastian Michael Wright Cherilyn Song Vivian Chen
Meghana V. Lois Owolabi Daelon Morais
Fall 2018 Intern Class
Joanna Chyu Michael O. Vishal Patel Ezzeddine Elmir
Jenifer Ogu Erika Ong Brandon N. Josh Goh


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Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

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