Students applying to the Health Careers Mentorship Program are expected to submit a professional application. Members of HCMP look strongly at dedication in volunteerism in the medical field and in other areas due to the fact that the program had its origins in the volunteer department at Brackenridge and Children’s Hospital. HCMP also encourages students to have a well-written essay that clearly answers the question. A resource for help constructing your essay is the Undergraduate Writing Center that offers a free service for U. T. students. A light schedule is recommended for the semester that the student is applying due to scheduling eight hours a week of shadowing times with preceptors. All applications and supporting documents must be turned in by the deadline.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Here are just a few in the Austin area.

North Austin Medical Center
Dell Children’s Medical Center
People’s Community Clinic
Austin/Travis County Communicable Disease Clinic
Hospice Austin
Austin Volunteer Healthcare Clinic
Heart Hospital of Austin (requires 6 month commitment)
Seton Northwest Hospital
St. David’s Medical Center
South Austin Hospital
Seton Highland Lakes

Students selected for an interview are expected to exhibit professionalism during the interview. This applies to both attire and mannerisms. Students should be familiar with their application and essay. Interviewees must have a familiarity of medical ethics and current events. Also, students must be willing to be flexible in their schedule as the doctors’ schedules may change on a weekly basis. Again, HCMP looks at maturity and volunteerism. Interview questions should be answered thoughtfully and sincerely.