Old and New Photo Fusion


Blogger Jason King was inspired to reflect upon Portland, Oregon’s history of hidden hydrology through viewing Photography Then and Now’s interactive photos that juxtapose an exact location through a lens of historical events and the present day. King’s images challenge one to not only contemplate urban metamorphosis through the built environment but also ecologically.

Source: Landscape+Urbanism

Rebel Cities


Distinguished urbanist David Harvey’s 2012 book Rebel Cities is now available online for free by way of a PDF download. Owen Hatherley of The Guardian describes Rebel Cities as “Forensic and ferocious.” Harvey’s work is impressively multifaceted, drawing admirers from diverse fields of study. Check out more information on Rebel Cities here.

Source: Landscape+Urbanism

Lighting Designers Collaborate with Local Prisoners


In 2009 Norwegian design partners Morten & Jonas founded STUDIO Bjørgvin in partnership with the Norway correctional system. STUDIO Bjørgvin was inspired by Morten & Jonas’ desire to not only design innovative pieces but to also encourage transformative discussions and practices among local prisoners. Both of Morten & Jonas’ desires were fulfilled by the collaborative creation of the Bake me a Cake” lamp. Morten & Jones found that prisoners experienced cognitive shifts—transforming  their traditional thought patterns—through the process of design.

Source: Cool Hunting

Temporary Sand Paintings

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.34.42 AM

New York artist Joe Mangrum creates spontaneous, large, colorful sand paintings featuring intricate geometries on city streets and public plazas. Part of the intrigue of his more than 650 works created since 2009 is that they are temporary and are soon swept away. He has recently gained notoriety due to tension with authorities, but the beauty and accessibility of the works has caught the attention of several museums, where he has created incredible installations.

Source: Web Urbanist

Art Everywhere!

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The largest art show in the country will feature reproductions of fifty famous works of art from America’s top museums. The best part about it is it’s free, and the art comes to you! Art Everywhere will be renting space on thousands of billboards, bus shelters, subway posters and more to present these pieces directly to the public.  The exhibit will take place in August 2014.

Source: Art Everywhere

American Castles in Ruin

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.21.49 AM

Though not as old as their European counterparts America has a collection of impressive castles of varying scales.  From New York to Kansas many of theses structures, built in the 19th and 20th centuries, still elicit a grand sense of place and invite the adventurous to explore the history behind these creations.  Check out seven crumbling marvels throughout the United States here.

Source:  Web Urbanist