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GeoCommons is a free, web-based service that allows you to create, customize and share interactive maps using your own data. Upload KML files, spreadsheets or utilize the vast amount of datasets already available on the website.  The service is easy to use for anyone unfamiliar with more complicated mapping techniques.

Shaping the Energy Technology Transition


Thursday, April 30th, the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy is hosting the Shaping the Energy Technology Transition workshop in the Santa Rita Room at the Texas Union. This workshop will discuss emerging energy technologies, measures to reduce the environmental and economic impact of a continuing dependence on carbon-based fuels, and policy options related to their adoption. Scheduled from 9-3:30, this workshop is open to the public.

Timetoast Timelines

Create your own histories or chart the growth of a project using Timetoast, a free web-based software that generates interactive timelines that include pictures, links, descriptions, and comments. Users have already created timelines charting the the growth of the NASA space program, basketball sneaker technology, and the evolution of television.

Green Energy Education Act Passes in the U.S. House of Representatives


The Green Energy Education Act, which passed in the house on April 22nd 2009 with a margin of 411-6 , will require the Department of Energy to partner with the National Science Foundation to award grants for undergraduate and graduate architecture and engineering programs in order to improve the energy efficiency of our nation’s buildings. Introduced by Congressman Mike McCaul (R-TX), the act will provide funding for the development of curricula, laboratory activities, training practicums, and design projects focusing on green buildings and green technologies. No funding amounts have been attached to the bill yet and it still needs to be passed by the Senate and signed into law by the President.

Read more from the American Society of Landscape Architect’s Advocacy Network and the American Institute of Architects.

World Intellectual Property Day: Green Innovation

World IP Day

Yesterday the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) along with participants from nations around the globe celebrated World Intellectual Property Day. This year’s focus on green innovation prompted a number of activities including legislative, initiatives, conferences and exhibitions in participating nations. In addition, the WIPO has published a special magazine issue that discusses topics in sustainability ranging from solar technology, efforts to eradicate hunger through agricultural innovation, and climate change legislation.

Click here for more information on World Intellectual Property Day.

Earth Day Focus: iTunes Spotlight on the Environment

iTunes Spotlight on the Environment

iTunesU has created an Environment page devoted to programing that focuses on sustainable design, alternative energy, food sustainability, animal extinction, green business, global warming and more. With contributors including Yale, Cambridge, Open University, and Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, iTunesU provides a reliable resource for accurate information on the changing face of our environment.

Library of Congress Joins YouTube

Newark Athlete from the Library of Congress' collection of films from the Edison Company

Newark Athlete from the Library of Congress’ collection of films from the Edison Company

The Library of Congress’ YouTube Channel includes a selection from their Early Film collection. The 1904 Westinghouse Works films illustrate turn of the century industry with panoramic views of factories, machines, and people working. The films from Edison Companies include athletes, contortionists, knife jugglers,  Native American dancers as well as experiments in early sound recording.