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Arkitekturmuseet Picture Bank

arkitekturmuseet arkitekturmuseet_02

The Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm, Sweden has created a Picture Bank that contains 2,500 digital photographs and drawings primarily documenting twentieth-century Swedish design. The images available through Arkitekturmuseet showcase Scandinavian architecture and urbanism while illustrating the lifestyle of the modern. Building and formal typologies represented include industry and retail trade, sport and leisure facilities, the landscape, furniture and furnishings, and interior design for both private and public buildings.

MoMA Collection in ARTstor

ARTstor logo


ARTstor is working with The Museum of Modern Art to share more than 1,400 images of modern art including images of works executed by Marc Chagall, Vasily Kandinsky, Lee Krasner, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, and others. These selections will join two other collections that MoMA has shared through ARTstor: the Architecture and Design and the Exhibition Installation Photograph Collection from The Museum of Modern Art Archives.

The National Parks on PBS


Crowd at Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park, circa 1950s. Courtesy of PBS.

Ken Burn’s documentary The National Parks: America’s Best Idea “traces the birth of the national park idea in the mid-1800s and follows its evolution for nearly 150 years.” The film’s website includes over 800 historic documents – photographs, film clips, and newspaper articles.

The entire six part documentary will be available online from September 28-October 9. Deleted scenes and untold stores are also available, including a 15 minute film entitled San Antonio Missions: Keeping History Alive.

Glass House Oral History Project


Photo by Steve Brosnahan from The Glass House website.

The Philip Johnson Glass House Oral History Project gathers together the memories of Johnson’s friends and colleagues and has created two video documentaries in order to broaden our understanding of modern design. The first two films produced by the project, include Architecture and Influence, and Frank Stella: Return to the Glass House and are viewable here.

Internet Mission Photography Archive


Images from the Internet Mission Photography Archive, maintained by USC Libraries, come from a wide variety of centers in Europe and North America. Documenting the experience and effect of missionary work in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean, the photographs taken by missionaries in the 19th and 20th centuries showcase the impact on indigenous architecture of Western education and religion.

The Hedda Morrison Photographs of China


South facade of Qi nian dian showing signboard and marble terraces

The collection Hedda Morrison Photographs of China includes over  5,000 images of China before and during World War II. The photographs are mounted in thematic albums and housed at the Harvard-Yenching Library.

Hedda Morrison was a freelance photographer in China from 1933-1946. Her images document landscapes, religious practices, and many architectural structures that no longer exist.

Database of Virtual Art

Database of Virtual Art

The Database of Virtual Art documents the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art, allowing artists to post material themselves. Including video documentation, technical data, interfaces, displays, and literature, the Database of Virtual Art provides a unique resource that assimilates the needs of the field. The ever-expanding collection combines immersive, interactive, telematic and genetic artworks with relevant links to exhibiting institutions, events and bibliographical references. This research-oriented site has been developed in cooperation with established media artists, researchers and institutions, and endeavors to extend its services to the preservation of virtual art.

Ancient Karnak Brought To Life


Karnak, one of the largest temple complexes in the world, “stands as a micro-cosmos of ancient Egypt.” Egyptologists and technologists at UCLA have made their research available, free of charge, to a broad audience. The site is information-rich and interactive. A Timemap allows you to scroll through the eras and see how Karmak has evolved over the years.  Also included are a model in Google Earth, an extensive photo archive, 3-d renderings, narrative descriptions of the remains, and educational videos.



Founded by Kenneth Goldsmith in 1996, UbuWeb is the place on the internet to find avant-garde video, poetry, music and outsider art. UbuWeb is completely non-commercial and operates on a gift economy, relying on content and technical support from a wide variety of organizations and people.  According to the editors “UbuWeb embodies an unstable community, neither vertical nor horizontal but a rather a Deleusian nomadic model: a 4-dimensional space simultaneously expanding and contracting in every direction, growing rhizomatically with ever-increasing unpredictability and uncanniness.”

Open House Provides Unparalleled Access to London's Architecture


Classroom of the Future designed by Valeria Carullo. Courtesy of Open House

Open House, an architecture and education charity dedicated to raising the standard of London’s built environment, is hosting the city’s biggest architectural festival this weekend. As it opens the doors to hundreds of buildings – everything from a Hindu temple to a yacht club and architecture studio, the event aims to foster dialogue and appreciation for design of public spaces.

View a slideshow of Oxo Tower from BBC News and explore Open House’s resources for sustainable design and public art on their website.

Victoria and Albert Museum Collection Search


The Victoria and Albert Museum has launched a Beta version of Search the Collections taking its online collection from 55,000 object records to over a million. Records have been taken from the V&A’s existing collection, and are in dynamic state of process with new information being added over time. As work on the site continues, the V&A plans to incorporate crowd sourcing, an API, saved searches and additional linking.

Digital Modern Preservation: New Canaan Modern Homes Survey

Irwin House 1953, Victor Christ-Janer

Irwin House 1953, Victor Christ-Janer

The Philip Johnson Glass House Historical Trust is creating a narrative survey of the 91 existing modern homes in New Canaan to provide a “criteria of significance” for their future preservation. In an effort to circumvent their demolition, the Trust is documenting the significance of the remaining modern homes in New Canaan, potentially utilizing this survey as a preservation tool and model for other communities whose historic architecture is threatened by surrounding development. The Trust also hopes to expand the online database to other clusters of modern homes.