As the Walls Come Down

Cabrini Green
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The Chicago Housing Authority has slated to begin the demolition of the last Cabrini-Green apartment building 1230 N. Burling today. To commemorate the end of an era at Cabrini-Green and call attention to its significant, and tumultuous role, a group of artists, including SAIC faculty member Jan Tichy, social work Efrat Appel, and 25 SAIC student collaborators are preparing Project Cabrini-Green – an art installation that combines LED lighting and sound technology with short stories and poetry on the themes of home, housing, and community. On March 28th, two days before the beginning of the demolition, SAIC students and faculty placed 134 self contained, battery-powered LED modules in the building’s vacated apartments. The lights will blink everyday from 7pm to 1am EST, for the four week duration of the demolition. Each blinking light has a unique pattern and stand as visual translations of poems written and recorded by Cabrini-Green youth who attended workshops developed by Tichy and her students. The audio materials will also be presented on an accompanying web-based component. Live-feed footage of Project Cabrini-Green will be projected at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.