Focus on Landscape Architecture: “Leaning into the Wind”

Image Credit: Thomas Riedelscheimer/Magnolia Pictures via NYTimes

In a follow-up to their 2001 documentary “Rivers and Tides,” artist Andy Goldsworthy and director Thomas Riedelsheimer again investigate and explore natural processes and humans’ place within them. The resulting film, “Leaning into the Wind,” showcases Goldsworthy’s fascination with time and its effect on his art. As a land artist, Goldsworthy operates at the scale of the landscape and uses media from his surroundings, such as stones and leaves, to create his works.

The film was an Official Selection of the San Francisco Film Festival, where it premiered in 2017. It is currently showing at the Austin Film Society through April 19, 2018. Tickets and showtimes can be found here.

Sources:, Austin Film Society