Photographer Joel Meyerowitz Publishes Retrospective

Image Credit: Joel Meyerowitz via Dazed

In April 2018, Joel Meyerowitz’s photographic works spanning nearly 50 years were published in a retrospective book titled Where I Find Myself. At 80 years of age, Meyerowitz still feels rooted to the artistic values with which he began his career. He is most noted for capturing spontaneous moments on the streets—frames of the scene of life that unfold around us, easily lost in a split second of time—thereby imbuing them with significance they would not otherwise have had. Now, finding himself shooting still lifes, he rationalizes that there is an energy in the way objects relate to one another and express their own lived histories, much in the same way humans do. He wonders where he will find himself in the next ten years.

Source: Dazed