Replacing Ads with Art

Image Credit: Pop-Up City

For each of the 52 weeks of 2017, Art in Ad Places partnered with a new artist to install their work in one of New York City’s many payphone booths. The campaign started as a retaliation to advertisements that suggest money is the key to the public’s eyes, and to the impetus for many ads, which is to make people feel as though they are lacking something.

In a twist on street art, phone booths across the city were transformed for a year into displays for artwork, offering a different type of media for visual consumption—one that sparks a positive psychological reaction. The goal is to give passersby a break from the marketing madness and to push back against the rampant advertising that bombards our urban environments.

The project was documented by photographer and Art in Ad Places team member, Luna Park, and is viewable on The Street Spot blog.

Source: Pop-Up City and Art in Ad Places