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Now Available in ARTstor: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Images

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation has partnered with ARTstor to release more than 750 images of major art works from the Guggenheim’s permanent collection. Forthcoming additions to ARTstor’s Digital Library will include another 10,000 images of art works, exhibit installation views and architectural photographs of the various Guggenheim museums in New York, Bilbao, Venice and Berlin.

Picasso's Light Drawings


When LIFE Magazine photographer Gjon Mili visited Pablo Picasso in Southern France in 1949, the two began working on these “Light Drawings” – images that captured the artist drawing with a small electric light in a darkened room. In the January 30, 1950 issue of the magazine, the first experimental shot was published, garnering enough acclaim for the artist and photographer to collaborate on several additional photographs shown in subsequent series.

Image Source: Visual News

Copyright in 3D


With the  re-release of James Cameron’s movie Titanic in 3D, new issues of copyright protection and intellectual property laws have been ignited by Cameron’s use of Pablo Picasso’s famous painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Though this painting originally was used in the 1997 release of the film, the Picasso family and estate argued that the painting is now a different work of art with the 3D animations. The actual canvas resides at the Museum of Modern Art, but the Picasso estate holds the copyright of the painting, stemming from intellectual property laws that allow the family of the artist to retain copyright to images up to 70 years after the artist’s death. This law, as well as the mistaken copyrights of several other artists, also caused numerous paintings to be removed from the ever-growing Google Art Project due to copyright infringement. The Artists Rights Society and the Visual Arts and Galleries Association both are working in tandem to ensure that all rights are being protected within these various burgeoning digital projects.

Image Source: Art Tech Law

2012 London Olympics From the Air


With the 2012 Summer Olympics in London just around the corner, aerial photographers capture the complex and its various stadiums during the final stages of their construction. The images include the main stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies will take place, tennis and handball courts, the aquatic center, BMX biking tracks and the Olympic village.

Image Source: Visual News

AMOA-Arthouse Rooftop Architecture Series: Infinite Space


The AMOA-Arthouse Rooftop Architecture Series presents “Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner.” Renowned architectural filmmaker Murray Grigor created the new documentary feature film to trace Lautner’s lifelong quest of creating “architecture that has no beginning or no end.” Lautner was originally a student of Frank Lloyd Wright before forging his own career in California.  The film features personal commentary, original drawings and historical photographs from the John Lautner Archives at the Getty Museum are also layered into the film to bring a new aspect to the architecture represented.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 23rd | 8 pm
WHERE: AMOA-Arthouse | 700 Congress Avenue
$10 admission/ free for Arthouse members

Image Source: “Infinite Space”

Art Paris Art Fair


This year’s Art Paris Art Fair, at the Grand Palais in Paris, represented artwork from 120 galleries from 16 countries. The fair focused on photography, unveiling intriguing images that explore the role of intimacy and the interaction of people within specific spaces. Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf’s enclosed booth invited visitors to interact with the space through a keyhole; Korean artist Byung-Hun Min’s black and white “vanishing” portraits question the ephemeral process of photography, and French photographer Gerard Traquandi’s beautifully dark photographs feature organic details of nature obtained by imprinting onto a photosensitive sheet through the technique of brushing resin pigments and wax onto an image.

Image Courtesy: Cool Hunting

Fall 2011 Study Abroad in Europe Images Now Available on Flickr


In the fall of 2011, 25 UTSoA students traveled through Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria to study both historical and modern architectural precedents. Each student focused on studying and drawing projections, crossings and building typologies specific to this region of Europe. The final two months of the program concluded in Paris, where American students participated in French courses at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville and worked on a project showing the various interventions between the Stalingrad and Juares railway station. The image set is now available on Flickr.

Image Courtesy: Selina Ortiz, VRC Photography TA

ARTstor Presents Images of the Hagia Sophia


Nearly 50 images of the Hagia Sophia have been added to ARTstor’s Digital Library collection. Originally built by Emperor Justinian I between 532-537, the Hagia Sophia was converted to a mosque in 1453 and converted again, in 1934, to a secularized museum by the Turkish government. The photographs, taken by A. Cemal Ekin, document the Byzantine masterpiece including the massive central dome and richly decorated interior spaces. Ekin photographed the dome from scaffolding erected during the recent restoration, allowing for a unique vantage point to capture the center of the dome, ceiling, windows and the mosaic and calligraphic ornamentation. The new images also include a panoramic view from Istanbul taken from the roof.

"Home Within Home"

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Seoul’s Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is currently exhibiting artist Do Ho Suh’s “Home Within Home,” an installation piece that consists of several large-scale hanging fabric recreations of the houses he’s inhabited. Suh responds to the spaces in which each of the installations are displayed, in particular, bringing new interpretations to the Black Box gallery designed by Rem Koolhaas.

Image Courtesy:

"L4TITUDES" Image Set Now Available on Flickr


“L4TITUDES” is a two-day symposium organized by the Center for American Architecture and Design (CAAD) and co-sponsored by the School of Architecture and the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS). The fourth iteration of the symposium brought together a diverse group of architects to explore the issues of an “American” modern architecture that transcends the North-Central-South America division. The Flickr image set is now available online.

Image Courtesy: Selina Ortiz, VRC Photography TA