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Architectural Cat Shelters

Architects for Animals and FixNation teamed up to raise funds to support FixNation’s charitable services provided to Los Angeles’ homeless cats. Thirteen local architects were selected to build creative cat shelters to raise awareness. In addition, twenty-eight cat bowls were also painted by various celebrities, including Clint Eastwood, Charlize Theron, Carly Patterson, and Kristen Bell. The image above shows the disco-themed cat shelter, by CallisonRTKL, with triangulated stained glass windows inspired by cathedrals.

Source: archinect

Guggenheim Bilbao Facade

Photo Credit: E. Goergen

Designed by Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa celebrated its twentieth anniversary in October. In light of this milestone, here are a few fun facts to consider: eighty percent of the building’s facade is made out of just four different panel shapes; titanium was not originally considered because the material is expensive, but a sudden change in the market allowed the team to use the expensive metal for the exterior of the building; and, careful consideration was taken in the process of combining chemicals during the metal’s rolling process to create a surface quality that seems to effortlessly transform as the sky changes.

Source: Archdaily

Thousands of Free Movies though Kanopy

Photo Credit: Watching “The Great Beauty,” “I Am Not Your Negro” and “Tower.”Janus Films; Magnolia Pictures; Kino Lorber

Over 200 public libraries have opted to provide Kanopy to library cardholders, free of charge. Kanopy provides over 30,000 movies online. Many of the movies are documentaries, international films, and from the Criterion Collection. The University of Texas Libraries’ provides unlimited access to Kanopy’s resources. The range of movies available is diverse, and Kanopy appears to be an incredible resource.

Source: Watching

Hungry Hungry Hamsters

Photo Credit: kikalastudio

The design agency Leavingstone was recognized for the video ad series “The Hungry Hungry Hamster.” The short episodes were made for the canned food company Supremo. The company was ready for less traditional ads, and they hired the design group to revamp their image. The episodes feature real hamsters and a meticulous, detailed miniature town, with a flower shop, bookstore, movie theater, and statues of famous fictional hamsters. The videos were recognized with the Golden Hammer Creative Case Award and the Access Key Award, as well as several awards at the Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

Source: designboom

Sleepin’ in the Subway Station

Image Credit: Pop Up City

Airbnb’s affect on Amsterdam has been highlighted through the installation of a bedroom in a local subway station. Artist Boudewijn Ruckert uses this piece to create awareness about the fact that people are desperate to live anywhere in the Dutch city because such a large percentage of its already-low housing selection has been employed for Airbnb. The corresponding advertisement for this bedroom states, “the views from the windows are absolutely unforgettable.”

Source: Pop Up City

Engaging Experiment by Google Chrome

Image Credit: Chrome Experiments

Google Chrome has devised a new way to get to know our planet. Through doodling a curve onto its interface, Land Lines reveals a corresponding landform, along with its physical location. This is an application that allows users to happen upon parts of the world to which they would otherwise be oblivious.

Source: Visual News

“The Great American Word Mapper”

Image Source: Visual News

Image Source: Visual News

Visual News reports about “the Great American Word Mapper,” a device that allows you to input a word and the output will inform you of its popularity based on location. The data driving the site was compiled in 2014 from billions of Twitter posts and the top 100,000 words used in those tweets generate the maps. It reminds us that vocabulary, regardless of the prevalence of social media today, remains tied to geography.

Source: Visual News

32,000 Straws Turned Into Homemade Camera

Image credit: Petapixel

Image credit: Petapixel

A homemade camera created by placing 32,000 straws in a wooden box results in beautifully abstract, pixelated photographic images. The camera, which was first created in 2007 by Michael Farrell and Cliff Haynes, turns each straw into a miniature camera that projects an image onto photo-sensitive paper. The image formed by each straw comes together to create large, intricate photographs. Because each straw is slightly different, the resulting images have an ethereal, disorienting atmospheric quality.

Source: Petapixel

Tiny Embroidered Food Looks Good Enough to Eat

Image credit: ipnot

Image credit: ipnot

Japanese embroidery artist ipnot spends hours combining the right colors of thread to create intricate, realistic depictions of food. The completed pieces are stunningly lifelike; although the pieces are embroidered on a flat plane, the texture and color of the works produces convincing three-dimensional images. Ipnot’s creations include miniature matcha tea, a tiny bowl of ramen with thread for noodles, and a textured, multicolored roll of embroidered sushi. View ipnot’s creations on her Instagram

Source: Spoon-Tamago



Scenic Springfield

Image credit: Scenic Simpsons

Image credit: Scenic Simpsons

While some may cite “The Simpsons” as one of America’s most well-loved cultural exports, few would recognize the series as something that could be considered visually beautiful. The Instagram account Scenic Simpsons proves that striking composition is something that we can add to our list of reasons to love the show. Scenic Simpsons is dedicated to “showcasing the most beautiful scenes, colors, sets and abstract compositions from Springfield.” View some of the stills captured by Scenic Simpsons here.

Source: ArchDaily