Wellness Champions

HealthPoint Wellness Champions

Wellness Champions are UT Austin faculty and staff who promote health and wellness within their unit and share feedback from their unit to improve wellness programming. One of the biggest challenges about being a large university is increasing awareness of health and wellness opportunities. Champions help educate their co-workers and contribute to a culture of wellness within their department. Because of the unique position of Wellness Champions within departments, the HealthPoint Wellness Program and Employee Assistance Program will look to Wellness Champions to provide feedback, ideas and suggestions for services and programming.

Who can be a Wellness Champion?

Champions consist of faculty and staff with a passion for wellness and a desire to promote a healthy campus within their unit. They believe in the value of health improvement and are willing to support the benefits of the HealthPoint Programs. Depending on how much you would like to be involved, being a Champion can require approximately 4 hours per month. It is important to have your supervisor’s support because of the time requirements. Please obtain their approval before becoming a Wellness Champion.

What’s in it for you?

  • To make a positive difference in your workplace
  • Receive first-hand information on wellness programs and activities
  • Expand your knowledge of health and wellness
  • Network with other faculty and staff who are passionate about health and well-being

What does a Wellness Champion do?

Even though Champions are a critical component of the HealthPoint Wellness Program and can have a huge impact, the time commitment can be minimal (4 hours per month). Their main responsibility is to contribute to a making UT/Austin a healthier campus.

Champions commit to:

  • Disseminate information to faculty and staff regarding health promotion events, activities, and programs on campus. The HealthPoint Wellness Program will provide the electronic materials. Champions may share these materials how they would like including: posting flyers in breakrooms, resending e-mails, or taking a “healthy minute” to share in staff meetings.
  • Help UT Austin launch, market, and sustain new and existing wellness programs, including the physical activity challenge, wellness screenings, health enhancing support groups, etc.
  • Serve as a go-to person about wellness opportunities within your department.
  • Provide feedback regarding the implementation of wellness programs and offerings.
  • Attend at least three lunch seminars a year, including the kick-off meeting.
  • Complete at least one initiative to enhance the culture of health within your department. HealthPoint will help provide support for generating ideas and implementation.

To become a Wellness Champion, please complete the application.

If you have any questions about the program, please email healthpoint.wellness@austin.utexas.edu.