Points of Health

picture of man using elliptical machine and woman using blood pressure machineThe HealthPoint Wellness Program hosts “Points of Health” across campus to help you more conveniently integrate healthy practices into your everyday work life. All Points of Health have a blood pressure machine, and some locations include an elliptical or weight scale.

One in three Americans has high blood pressure, and 30% of those who do are unaware of it. Find out what your blood pressure is today at one of the Points of Health! To monitor your blood pressure over time, use the cards provided at the machine or download a blood pressure app.

Feeling stressed? The ellipticals are meant to be used in 5-15 minute increments as a stress buster in order to get your blood flowing, boost energy and reduce your stress.


There are several locations across campus:

Facilities Complex: Building 1 – 1st Floor Break Room

Flawn Academic Center: Ground floor near the Union

Jester West: Near Freshens

Peter O’Donnell Jr. Building: 2.212 

Pickle Research Campus: Commons Learning Center- Atrium (elliptical)

School of Law: Townes Hall, Staff Lounge (3.101)

Forty Acres Pharmacy: Student Services Building 1.110

UT Administration Building: Corridor 6.400 (elliptical only)

The map below will assist you in locating the Points of Health that is closest to you. Please contact HealthPoint.Wellness if you have any questions.


HealthPoint Wellness programs are made possible with funding from UT Austin Human Resources, UT System LivingWell, and grants.