Month: October 2014

China Protecting (Chinese) Elephants

Chinese ivory demand is as large as it is famous. China has been accused of driving the dramatic increases in elephant poaching in Africa, with more than 30,000 elephants killed per year for their ivory. A less known fact is

A new utilitarianism: Killing a few to save the many?

In direct contrast to my last blog post condemning sport hunting practices (even if the intentions were good), I’d like to present a different view.  Although many researchers conclude that sport hunting has a negative impact on wildlife populations, there

Students Explore Science and Learn What a Whale’s Snot tells about the Environment

After school in Gloucester, Mass., has become geeky cool. Instead of roaming the streets or playing video games, kids who participate in the Applied Robotics Laboratory at Ocean Alliance are learning how to fly drones and analyze whale snot to

Wildlife Crime and the Rule of Law

Though often seen as an environmental issue because of its degradation of species populations, wildlife crimes such as poaching and trafficking have ramifications beyond immediate threats to biodiversity or environmental health.  Wildlife trafficking also threatens national security and can undermine

Changes in the European Wildlife Trade Framework

The European Union (EU) has a well-regulated market for wildlife hunting trophies and live wildlife trade, but there are some loopholes that allow increased wildlife trafficking to enter the EU. Therefore, the EU is reviewing its regulation to combat trafficking.

Two Truths and a Lie: Campaigns to Reduce Rhino Horn Demand in Vietnam

Great news coming out of Vietnam: rhino horn demand is down more than 33% in just one year. A poll conducted by Neilsen for the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Vietnam Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of

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A Rhino’s Worth: How Much Would You Pay?

How much is a rhino worth to you? A hundred dollars? A thousand? Hundreds of thousands? It’s not likely a question you are asked every day. If you are like me, you initial answer was, “a little” or perhaps even,

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Zambia ends trophy hunting ban

Zambia recently announced the end of a twenty month ban on trophy hunting. This announcement came from Zambia’s Minister Of Tourism and Arts, Ms. Jean Kapata, who replaced the previous minister Ms. Sylvia Masebo after she was fired for being found guilty

Mercado de Sonora: Black Magic, Black Trade

  Can’t find the love of your life? Having problems with a mean boss? Trying to get a powerful lucky charm? Want to get rid of your bad luck? The Mercado de Sonora, in the heart of Mexico City, offers

The Phragmipedium Kovachii: Is CITES guilty of over criminalization?

While reports indicate that many species of rare plants, including multiple varieties of orchids, are nearing the brink of extinction, the debate over what to do to protect them rages on. A combination of rampant poaching, greed, and habitat destruction

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