Month: October 2014

Addressing Wildlife Demand Reduction in China

The Chinese government, with the support of international wildlife NGOs, must implement a systematic approach to curbing the demand for wildlife products. A seemingly arbitrary cherry-picking of species with mixed motives—like that of curbing corruption—have garbled the message of wildlife

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Overfishing – Who cares?

Wildlife populations have declined 52% since 1970. This staggering statistic was published recently by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in their annual Living Planet Report. The question is, where did the animals go? According to the report, and the WWF

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The potential to save animals by killing them?

Sport hunting is highly controversial, and has heavily armed critics (no pun intended) on both sides.  Animal rights activists, as well as many conservationists, argue that sport hunting is cruel and unusual and cannot benefit conservation efforts.  On the other