Month: March 2015

Lessons from elite interviews

This past week, I traveled to Washington, D.C. with three of my classmates to conduct elite interviews with U.S. government agency officials and NGOs to learn more about the nexus of wildlife crime and U.S. national security. This week was

The future of oil exploration and governance in the DRC

Virunga National Park is the oldest national park in Africa and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the park borders Uganda and Rwanda. Virunga is rich in wildlife and fauna, having

Militarizing Conservation

In a move that demonstrates how real the ongoing poaching crisis is, Kenya burned 15 tons of ivory on World Wildlife Day. 20-25,000 elephants are being illegally killed each year across Africa. Increasingly, governments have attempted to stop poaching by

Loopholes in China’s Domestic Ivory Market

At the end of February of this year, China announced a one-year moratorium on ivory imports, stating that it will not be issuing import permits during this time. This move did little to appease the international conservation movement, which is